Events & Programs

Events & Programs

  • EYC (Episcopal Youth Community)

    • The EYC at St. John's is STARFISH (Super Teens Are Radical – Faith Inspires Spiritual Health) – “making a difference: one person and situation at a time”

    • Participants are 6-12th Grades

    • Group meets each Sunday, 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm. This year program includes

      • 2nd Sundays - Preparing lunches for SACK LUNCH program
      • Monthly programs center around an annual theme. 2016-17: FROG (Fully Relying On God) in MISSION
    • Youth Mission Trips are offered each Spring Break and in the Summer

    • Diocesan Programs are also available throughout the year: AYE in October; Winter in March

  • Tweens

    • 3rd-5th grades: group called "Dolphins"

  • EKC (Episcopal Kids Community)

    • SEAshells: S-mall E-nergetic A-postles

      • Participants are 4 years to 5th grade. Gather in Children's Chapel each Sunday during 10:30 service

  • REGULAR Sunday Meetings (noon-2:00 pm) -

    • STARFISH & DOLPHINS meet 1st Sundays joining together for Lunch and dividing for separate group activities/program
    • STARFISH (6-12th) 2nd Sundays - Lunch and SACK LUNCH Prep ... This is the feeding ministry of St. John's.
    • Ceases over summer months / Resumes in September

  • SUMMER Programs

    • Summer Camp at Camp Mitchell on Petit Jean Mountain

    • CREATIVE WEDNESDAYS - during the summer - Beginning date TBA
    • TRIPS Register for one/all (forms forthcoming)
      • Mission: July 14-17, 2017 Tulsa, OK (7th-12th)
      • STARFISH Retreat 2017 TBA

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