The St. John's Vision

Sharing God’s Love Through Church & Community


Our vision & desire is to be...
  • A Welcoming Church that is inclusive and accepts people wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

  • A Compassionate Church that provides pastoral care for all and respects the dignity of every person.

  • An Outreach Church that shares God’s love through outreach programs and seeks to know God’s purpose for the Church and takes decisive actions to carry out His will.

  • A Traditional Church that celebrates God’s goodness and love through worship in the Episcopal tradition.

  • An Empowering Church that helps people discover their individual gifts for ministry and then utilize those gifts to follow God’s will in their everyday lives.

  • A Teaching Church that instructs by word and deed, to follow Jesus Christ as a way of life.

  • A Giving Church that is passionate about stewardship; committed to the tithe as the minimum biblical standard of giving and encourages its members to give a generous portion of their time, talents and financial resources back to God.

  • A Church With a Variety of Programs for all ages, emphasizing a strong youth program, which helps deepen our relationship with Christ, each other and our community.

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