EHWY Symbol


Hi! My name is EHWY!

(Pronounced “e-highway”)


I am the symbol here at St. John’s that represents the four areas of our Youth Ministry Program:




Y-outh Groups

As a symbol, I am a “window” that helps reveal the Kingdom of God today. Each letter is represented in a part of my body and with one of the liturgical colors.

E = Education

  • Head: The part of us where intellect is developed and choices are discerned

  • White: The liturgical color for our seasons of highest "celebration" and purity

  • Focus: Provide spiritual growth opportunities for learning and transformation through educational and formational experiences

H = Home

  • Arms: Nurturing, caring, beginning in our closest relationships – at home

  • Purple (Blue): The liturgical color for our seasons of "preparation" and reflection Advent (blue), Lent (purple)

  • Focus: “Making God present in our everyday lives” Learning how to build healthy, caring relationships begins in the home and continues as we expand our communities.

W = Worship

  • Heart (torso): Our core – that part where God resides

  • Red: Color of Pentecost – Holy Spirit, High Feast days & Saints’ Days

  • Focus: Opportunities for youth to experience and cultivate understanding connection to God. This includes contributing and participating in meaningful worship experiences

Y = Youth Gatherings

  • Legs: That part of us that takes us out into the world

  • Green: Color of Ordinary Time and seasons of growth, the "growing time."

  • Focus: Provide opportunities for youth to build significant relationships with other youth through shared experience and service to others, "walking out in their faith."