Our Campus

We are located at 214 North 6th Street in Downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas.

The Stained Glass Windows

Christians, like windows, should be transparent to the light that shines through them with the message of the Gospel.

Our windows teach and inspire in beauty and symbol. The living history of St. John's Episcopal Church and the stories of scripture inundate the worshipers at each service of the church through its beautiful and distinctive stained glass windows. These remarkable windows relate the story of Christ's birth, life, and resurrection with wondrous illustrations that envelope the sanctuary. The story of the leaders and ardent supporters of St. John's can also be found in the windows dedicatory inscriptions.

The original four large windows were commissioned in Belgium in 1898 for St. John's and are dedicated to the men and women who brought not only peace and fortune to the small fort town, but also the conviction of their faith.

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